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I love this video!!!

FunTime Birdy Parrot Lovers Blog

This Cockatoo can really dance.  Watch as he dances to Gangnam Style.  So talented!!!  Listen closely at the beginning you can hear his little feet as he hops….so cute!!!  Ann – FunTime Birdy

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I cooked some hulled millet yesterday for today’s breakfast, knowing since I was excited about it they would not touch it. But……the house is eerily quiet with an occasional grunt echoing from deep inside the food dishes. I’m amazed and delighted. It’s a hit!

One morning I ground some frozen cranberries, blueberries and almonds and put in oatmeal with a little cinnamon…not one bird would touch it! Eeeewwwww, she’s trying to poison us. Sigh

I am so sick of this heat…it is wearing on me and making me a crazy woman. I know the birds can’t wait to get back outside all day and hopefully they will be able to soon. But no end in sight yet. Poor kids. 

OMG, Shrek’s flight feathers have grown out and he is learning to fly. He is starting to navigate and it is so awesome to watch him. How exciting for both of us


So, I got the bigger boys rolls of adding machine tape to play with. Sadly, Spike had his all off the 1st day. Shrek’s, on the other hand,

Shrek still has some left. At least Spike kept his all in his cage…sigh



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