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Poor Max…

I had to take little Max to the Dr this weekend. He has been chewing his bad wing, the one that droops. He has an infection – no surprise – and is on antibiotics for 10days.  He is also in a whiplash collar for 4wks until his wing completely heals. It weighs as much as he does!

The first night was bad because he kept falling over, but I had him in a very small travel cage with a wash cloth on the floor and rolled up a hand towel around the sides for a bumper. He finally figured out that he could grab it with his beak and stay upright. 

He is in a bigger cage now and doing well. Poor little monkey, after such a hard start, too.



I’m very sure this is true!

***** Excitement *****

Yesterday Jodi, the groomer, came to groom the the birds. Bogey was first and when finished, she put him on the playtop on top of his cage. A couple birds later he had settled down and next thing you know he flew off his cage and landed across the room!!!

He was in a corner, so Jodi left the room and I went over and put my hand down to him, and STEPPED UP  to my hand!! So, I thought, I’ll give it a shot and see what he does if I try to carry him back to his cage. I only brought my hand about 18 in off the floor and took baby sideways steps, saying “sshhh, it’s ok, it’s ok” all the way. We made it to the cage and he came off and went in!!!!!!! I was in tears I was so happy.

Happy 1 yr Anniversary to BogeyBird

Bogey is around 16 yrs old, and was kept in a cage his entire life. Never handled, never touched – Nothing. He finally ended up in a rescue, twice. The 1st day volunteering at the rescue, I met Bogey, who had been there 2 1/2 yrs this 2nd time. I fell in love.

Bogey was so afraid of people that if someone came too close to his cage he would hide behind his toy high in the corner and shake – so bad he sometimes fell off his perch. I worked w/him for 3 wks, then adopted and brought him home.

He has come farther in this year than I dared dream he would. No longer afraid of my hands, he will play with my fingers and. He spends half his day on the playtop on top of his cage. We play peek-a-boo at night with his cover and he runs for kisses when he sees me. He is so brave! We have a way to go yet, but we’ll get there, I’ve no doubt. I love this guy with all my heart   


OMGoodness…poor Jake

This weekend I hear the normal “Jake, come here. JAKE!” from Beakrrr. Only now he’s saying “Jake, come here…Jake, step up. Step up, Jake”

And last night Spike started “Jake, come here. Jake step up”

Poor Jake (the dog) doesn’t have a clue…

Fall Chop!!

This weekend was chop time again. The birds all get excited when they see me at the sink and the food processor is running 🙂

In celebration of Fall (it’s below 100!) I used kale, broccoli, carrots, celery AND 2 different kinds of squash AND pumpkin..Yummies!

Finally Fall

Yesterday the birds got to be outside all day – and today, too. All the door open and the breeze coming through. 64 degrees when I got up this morning. A long way from 120 degrees!!!!ImageImageImage

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