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Yesterday I lost my little JellyBeans..

I think he had a heart attack. He was on my shoulder helping me feed all the fish, and he fell off. I grabbed him and he was making an awful noise with his mouth open, so I went to find a piece of blanket to wrap him in so he would be more comfortable. As he lay in my hand and I started to wrap the blanket around him, he died. Just like that.

On December 4, 2014, a neighbor came pounding on my door with this little guy. He had been out on his own for at least 3 weeks that we know of. Of course I took him in.  The 1st few days he would eat his pellets, drink drink drink, then go up into his tent and sleep about 3 hours. Wake up…repeat.

She brought him to me about 3pm, and 12 hours later I woke up to a horrendous thunderstorm and torrential rain. All I could think as I lay in my bed listening to the storm was “thank you, God, for bringing this baby to me today”.

No idea how old he was, but he was an adult. And after a few days he started chattering and trilling. All day. Every day. Such a happy little guy. I loved him.

Now the house is quiet. Even his friend, PNutButters has been quiet. They used to chatter together. He hasn’t eaten and is being very quiet. I’m playing some YouTube of Budgies and he will chatter occasionally. Not much, yet.

He is buried in the rose garden under St Francis with my Lovebird, Max. Fly free now, boys. And know that you will be always in my heart…



 by Beakrrr the Greyt  click here for Beakrrr’s Facebook  page

I would like to take the opportunity to introduce you to my Flock.

First, ME, Beakrrr. I was rehomed 3 years ago, just 2 months after Bogey got here. I brought some baggage with me, too. I was around a LOT of verbal abuse and brought the yelling and bad language with me. Momma had a lot of patience, tho, and all that is mostly gone now. At least the F word is. Momma is my bestest friend in the whole world.

  Bogey. He was abused for 16 yrs or so, He was never let out of his cage or interacted with by his owner, Bogey was a status symbol in the living room. Momma adopted him from a rescue 3 yrs ago where he had been for several years. Adopted and brought back because “he won’t do anything”. No duh, he was scared beyond imagining. He’s good now and we’re friends and he comes out of his cage, too.

Meet Shrek. He is a BlueFront Amazon and is 5 yrs old. He’s fun. I like to yell at him. But we also “Hi, hello” back and forth to each other, too.

Spike, named for his crest. He is a Galah, or RoseBreasted Cockatoo. He and Shrek are BFF’s and share a cage. He talks almost as much as I do, but not quite. Poor Spike has a gender identity issue. One day he just started calling himself Spice out of nowhere. So we never know who he is, but if you say the wrong name he will YELL the right one (at the time!)

And, now, SweetPea, who is a Quaker. She was badly abused and starved and had plucked herself bald when Momma got her. She’s a crazy bird. But, understandably so….Momma loves her, but even she questions that love sometimes!

Crickett is a GreenCheek Conure – Pineapple Mutation. I used to call her Crickett, but got tired of that so I now call her Crickey. Sometimes Crick Crickey. Depends on my mood. She is obsessed with Shrek and always likes to huddle next to him on top of his cage. Sigh…

And finally, PNut (Butters) and Jelly (Beans). They are Budgies. On December 4, 2014 a lady in our neighborhood came knocking on our door with JellyBeans. She found him in the wash and he had been out on his own about 3 weeks. Another neighbor told her to bring him to my house. Of course, guess who took him in?! Yep, Sucker Momma. So in April, she ‘rescued’ PNut from Petsmart for company.

So, that’s all for our feathered Flock. We also have tons of fishes, but they scare me so I will not be putting them in my flock. They can have their own flock.

April 2015

April 2015


I am so excited – for the 1st time in 3 years I did not sit up on the couch all night holding SweetPea on Memorial weekend. Every year about this time, she picks her chest and wing bare and bleeding. And I sit up all night with her wrapped in her bankie on my chest to keep putting medicine on it and keep her calm.

Her wing last 2 years ssshh....

Nice feathers!

Nice feathers!

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