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Yesterday I lost my little JellyBeans..

I think he had a heart attack. He was on my shoulder helping me feed all the fish, and he fell off. I grabbed him and he was making an awful noise with his mouth open, so I went to find a piece of blanket to wrap him in so he would be more comfortable. As he lay in my hand and I started to wrap the blanket around him, he died. Just like that.

On December 4, 2014, a neighbor came pounding on my door with this little guy. He had been out on his own for at least 3 weeks that we know of. Of course I took him in.  The 1st few days he would eat his pellets, drink drink drink, then go up into his tent and sleep about 3 hours. Wake up…repeat.

She brought him to me about 3pm, and 12 hours later I woke up to a horrendous thunderstorm and torrential rain. All I could think as I lay in my bed listening to the storm was “thank you, God, for bringing this baby to me today”.

No idea how old he was, but he was an adult. And after a few days he started chattering and trilling. All day. Every day. Such a happy little guy. I loved him.

Now the house is quiet. Even his friend, PNutButters has been quiet. They used to chatter together. He hasn’t eaten and is being very quiet. I’m playing some YouTube of Budgies and he will chatter occasionally. Not much, yet.

He is buried in the rose garden under St Francis with my Lovebird, Max. Fly free now, boys. And know that you will be always in my heart…



PNut (Butters) and JellyBean got a new house, uh, mansion! They love it. It was a little intimidating at first, but now they’re all over. Have fun, my Littles

new house 6-4-2015 20150604_162950

Cricket loves Shrek. She is totally crazy about the guy. Luckily, he doesn’t mind her hanging all over. I can’t keep her on her cage or playstand

0June 2015

Cricket loves Shrek so much

Cricket loves Shrek so much

This is PNut(Butters). I brought him home April 9th, and he is about 3 1/2 – 4 months old now. Going through his first molt. I won’t know for sure if he is a males for another 5-6 months, but Im pretty sure he is as he chatters all day long with JellyBean. He is so pretty with his little spots of turquoise on the pure white feathers.

I was just getting him hand tamed when I got sick, and then haven’t been able to work with him for a couple weeks. He and JellyBean quickly became buddies and love to play in each others homes.

PNut (Butters) 4-2015  20150430_165329

May 2015

PNut (Butters) and JelllyBean 

May 25,02015

I had to take little Max to the Dr this weekend. He has been chewing his bad wing, the one that droops. He has an infection – no surprise – and is on antibiotics for 10days.  He is also in a whiplash collar for 4wks until his wing completely heals. It weighs as much as he does!

The first night was bad because he kept falling over, but I had him in a very small travel cage with a wash cloth on the floor and rolled up a hand towel around the sides for a bumper. He finally figured out that he could grab it with his beak and stay upright. 

He is in a bigger cage now and doing well. Poor little monkey, after such a hard start, too.


Bogey is around 16 yrs old, and was kept in a cage his entire life. Never handled, never touched – Nothing. He finally ended up in a rescue, twice. The 1st day volunteering at the rescue, I met Bogey, who had been there 2 1/2 yrs this 2nd time. I fell in love.

Bogey was so afraid of people that if someone came too close to his cage he would hide behind his toy high in the corner and shake – so bad he sometimes fell off his perch. I worked w/him for 3 wks, then adopted and brought him home.

He has come farther in this year than I dared dream he would. No longer afraid of my hands, he will play with my fingers and. He spends half his day on the playtop on top of his cage. We play peek-a-boo at night with his cover and he runs for kisses when he sees me. He is so brave! We have a way to go yet, but we’ll get there, I’ve no doubt. I love this guy with all my heart   


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