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 by Beakrrr the Greyt  click here for Beakrrr’s Facebook  page

I would like to take the opportunity to introduce you to my Flock.

First, ME, Beakrrr. I was rehomed 3 years ago, just 2 months after Bogey got here. I brought some baggage with me, too. I was around a LOT of verbal abuse and brought the yelling and bad language with me. Momma had a lot of patience, tho, and all that is mostly gone now. At least the F word is. Momma is my bestest friend in the whole world.

  Bogey. He was abused for 16 yrs or so, He was never let out of his cage or interacted with by his owner, Bogey was a status symbol in the living room. Momma adopted him from a rescue 3 yrs ago where he had been for several years. Adopted and brought back because “he won’t do anything”. No duh, he was scared beyond imagining. He’s good now and we’re friends and he comes out of his cage, too.

Meet Shrek. He is a BlueFront Amazon and is 5 yrs old. He’s fun. I like to yell at him. But we also “Hi, hello” back and forth to each other, too.

Spike, named for his crest. He is a Galah, or RoseBreasted Cockatoo. He and Shrek are BFF’s and share a cage. He talks almost as much as I do, but not quite. Poor Spike has a gender identity issue. One day he just started calling himself Spice out of nowhere. So we never know who he is, but if you say the wrong name he will YELL the right one (at the time!)

And, now, SweetPea, who is a Quaker. She was badly abused and starved and had plucked herself bald when Momma got her. She’s a crazy bird. But, understandably so….Momma loves her, but even she questions that love sometimes!

Crickett is a GreenCheek Conure – Pineapple Mutation. I used to call her Crickett, but got tired of that so I now call her Crickey. Sometimes Crick Crickey. Depends on my mood. She is obsessed with Shrek and always likes to huddle next to him on top of his cage. Sigh…

And finally, PNut (Butters) and Jelly (Beans). They are Budgies. On December 4, 2014 a lady in our neighborhood came knocking on our door with JellyBeans. She found him in the wash and he had been out on his own about 3 weeks. Another neighbor told her to bring him to my house. Of course, guess who took him in?! Yep, Sucker Momma. So in April, she ‘rescued’ PNut from Petsmart for company.

So, that’s all for our feathered Flock. We also have tons of fishes, but they scare me so I will not be putting them in my flock. They can have their own flock.

April 2015

April 2015



Bogey is around 16 yrs old, and was kept in a cage his entire life. Never handled, never touched – Nothing. He finally ended up in a rescue, twice. The 1st day volunteering at the rescue, I met Bogey, who had been there 2 1/2 yrs this 2nd time. I fell in love.

Bogey was so afraid of people that if someone came too close to his cage he would hide behind his toy high in the corner and shake – so bad he sometimes fell off his perch. I worked w/him for 3 wks, then adopted and brought him home.

He has come farther in this year than I dared dream he would. No longer afraid of my hands, he will play with my fingers and. He spends half his day on the playtop on top of his cage. We play peek-a-boo at night with his cover and he runs for kisses when he sees me. He is so brave! We have a way to go yet, but we’ll get there, I’ve no doubt. I love this guy with all my heart   


We just got back from a road trip to Colorado Springs Friday. We took all 3 dogs, but boarded the birds. I told them they were going to the TZ Hilton, but Daddy told them they were going to Summer Camp…we have the best store EVER 1 1/2 miles from us called Tropic Zone Exotic Bird Store. They have fabulous boarding facilities, fresh cooked food every day, snacks in the afternoon, AND the cages are cleaned and disinfected every single day. They also get out of cage time on the trees and playstands every day as well. I had NO worries for them, as they were with friends.

My only fear was that my dear BogeyBird would relapse into his scared self after we’ve come so far. OMGosh!!! He was so happy to see me when we got there he ran over to the side for kisses, then started bobbing his head which he does when he wants me to sing to him. So I sang “You are my sunshine”….got everybirdy rounded up and went home. I didn’t have to use any towels or anything getting Bogey in/out!!!!!!!!!!!

He has been incredibly happy since coming back home. I suppose he thought he was back at the rescue again because I didn’t want him anymore, which absolutely broke my heart. He is now coming out of his cage more and even went on the perch on his playstand to eat a snack this morning – he’s never been there in almost a year (next month). I was scared to death that he would be frightened of my hands again, but no.

My excitement is palpable, I’m sure. If anything, the stay made us love each other more, if that’s possible for me!!


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