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I am so excited – for the 1st time in 3 years I did not sit up on the couch all night holding SweetPea on Memorial weekend. Every year about this time, she picks her chest and wing bare and bleeding. And I sit up all night with her wrapped in her bankie on my chest to keep putting medicine on it and keep her calm.

Her wing last 2 years ssshh....

Nice feathers!

Nice feathers!


I had to take little Max to the Dr this weekend. He has been chewing his bad wing, the one that droops. He has an infection – no surprise – and is on antibiotics for 10days.  He is also in a whiplash collar for 4wks until his wing completely heals. It weighs as much as he does!

The first night was bad because he kept falling over, but I had him in a very small travel cage with a wash cloth on the floor and rolled up a hand towel around the sides for a bumper. He finally figured out that he could grab it with his beak and stay upright. 

He is in a bigger cage now and doing well. Poor little monkey, after such a hard start, too.


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